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Control computer

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Our computer control system is the product of our extensive experience coupled with an in-depth development process. As a result, it offers a high level of performance and is easy for the operator to use.


  • Full display of progress of washing cycles.
  • Dialogue with the operator is via touch screen in the user’s language.
  • All the inputs and outputs of the control computer can be viewed by LED display on an I/O board located in the control cabinet.
  • Complete management of 80 different washing cycles:
    • Water (litres or cm)
    • Temperature
    • Injection of 12 different products
    • Wash time
    • Washing and spinning speed
    • Water recovery
    • Etc.
  • Manual access to all sequences during the cycle
  • Automatic adaptation of water and product consumption for the quantity of linen loaded
  • Any technical anomaly is detected, stored and shared with the operator thanks to the “Auto-Diagnostic System”. The list of anomalies noted can be consulted at any time, even when the machine is in operation, and is very helpful for maintenance
  • The last 240 cycles are saved and can be consulted at any time.  This “Traceability – Data Check System” allows for continual monitoring of the quality of the wash and the output of the machine.
  • “Back-up system” for integrated programmes
  • Communication via “Interface Link” with an external computer and the possibility of transferring washing programs and information – “Auto Diagnostic” and “Data Check”.
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It is impossible to list all UNICA’s technological benefits here. We can talk over your requirements, expectations and demands. We will find the right answer from the many solutions which UNICA offers.